Our Political Action Committee

Why Do We Have a Political Action Committee?

In Public education every decision affecting us is made by a political body. Based on this reality, we can either react to whomever is our elected official or we can be proactive and ensure those elected officials are pro-public education. CCAE's Political Action Committee is a non-partisian group of elected members who work to further Public Education policy. 

What Do We Do?

We get involved in the political process in several ways. First, we attend local events and meetings that involve politics, on both sides. We also interview, and sometimes support, candidates for local elections. Additionally, we are active in speaking out to local and state politicians about public education issues. Our President, Connie Jackson, often speaks to lawmakers at the State Capitol about public education issues and has testified in both the house and the senate regarding legislation that would affect public education. 

What Can You Do?

Get involved a little or a lot! You can do anything from just getting emails from CCAE & GAE about what is going on at the Capitol and sharing with your friends and co-workers, or you can join us to lobby at the Capitol or write emails to the school board to demand a raise for all employees! It is up to YOU how much you can do for public education.